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Drag and drop tasks. Create complex workflows.

Run tasks in your own computers and servers.

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Connect services and tasks

Designing any complexity process is as easy as drag-and-drop tasks with our tool.


Audit and Improve

Get realtime insights, logs and timings on your processes. Directly on the tool or via daily or weekly digest emails.


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Build processes quickly. Automate your workflow processes in minutes.

Overview of your processes

Understand how your processes are behaving with the blink of an eye.

Tideflow comes with live monitoring dashboards where you can understand how your workflows are behaving. You also have live action-by-action logs, filterable historical execution logs and graphical visuals of executions.

Connect and create new assets

Integrate files in your workflows.

Create and collect files. From an image you want to attach to an email, a template for creating PDF files, to a one-page-application written in HTML and Javascript that you can share with others. Even storing an screenshot taken from a website scraped via WebParsy integration.

Your own machines

Run tasks in your own computers.

Tideflow's agent allows you to run workflows actions in your own infrastructure. Either if it's for running an arbitrary command from your personal computer, or building and deploying after pushing to GitHub from your office's server.

Complex workflows

Automate complex processes.

Tideflow's workflow editor allows you to create multiple-to-multiple connections between tasks. Each task's result is passed to the next one.

Extend the boundaries

Automate and create anything.

Tideflow comes with a set of services that will allow you to do things like automating website contents scraping, automate build and deploy processes, generate PDF files, send emails and more. You can also build your own integrations.

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Conditions, new application templates and improved UI

We’ve just released Tideflow 0.17. This are the latest updates since our previous blog post: ❓ Conditions Introduced in 0.17, you can now add conditions to your workflows. This will help you decide which tasks to run, and which ones not to, depending on other tasks results. As of now

New tasks editor & templating system

A new version of Tideflow has been just released, featuring two major features aimed to improve Tideflow’s usability, extensibility and nocode capabilities. This is Tideflow 0.15 🖥 Tasks Editor: Brand new UI to give you all the space you need to work comfortably while editing your workflow’s tasks. The new

Tideflow 0.14: New OneSignal & AWS Lambda integrations

Releasae of Tideflow 0.14. New: OneSignal integration Adding OneSignal to your workflows lets you send mobile and web push notifications. This is as simple as creating a OneSignal application, adding the application to your list of services on Tideflow, and integrating notifications as part of your workflows. To get started

Build your own automation.