We are working hard towards Tideflow’s extended MVP/MMP versions, finding and smashing bugs, improving user experience and preparing content for users.

We can’t be more happy on how the tool is looking like, and can’t wait to see which processes users are going to be able of automate and further ways we can help them. On the counterpart, this takes almost all of our time to focus on other important things. This includes deliverability.

Deliverability are the efforts that enable users to click-and-run their software, have it ready in seconds, and not being worried about provisioning, etc.

To solve this problem, we have created a task on our Github: Dockerizing Tideflow for anyone interested on helping Tideflow’s deliverability. Our main goal with it is to have a docker setup so that our users can use to launch Tideflow with its dependencies in a blink of an eye.

Are you familiar with Docker? or a Docker best practices hero? Our open source tool needs your help. Help us Dockerizing Tideflow.