A new version of Tideflow is here! This are its new features:

🤖 AWS IoT Core integration

Tideflow’s AWS brand new service is here. At the moment it allows to work with AWS IoT Core device shadows. But don’t worry, we are planning to add support for many AWS Services from now!

The AWS Integration allows you to setup different IAM credentials with multi region support, and choose which profile use when your workflows are interacting with AWS resources.

The current service works for both retrieving and updating a device shadow. This enables users to control IoT devices and understand their status.

🔥 Integrating your existing applications with Tideflow. Endpoints with powders.

Starting on 0.13, you can integrate your own applications with Tideflow.

When you create an endpoint, your applications can get back all the results of the workflow execution. Here’s an small example of how they look like.

When you execute a workflow, Tideflow runs many things on the hood. It’s not a simple process. For example: it needs to understand when and what tasks it needs to execute, how they are connected, orchestrate the results of each task and many, many other things.

And this takes time (that we are planning to vastly improve!)

This implicates that if you fire an HTTP request to trigger a workflow execution, it will take time to give you all the results for the workflow. And the more complex the workflow is, the more time your request will take to complete. Because of this, when we initially implemented the Endpoints service, we decided to make it reply as soon as it’s recognised by Tideflow, and not wait for the workflow even to start. But not anymore.

🔗 Create, share and connect files. Including JS/HTML applications.

When you create a file, you can now share it publicly with the click of a button.

You can create a HTML file with some Javascript on it, directly from Tideflow’s UI, and others can open it as a webpage.

This is an small addition but it’s the core reason why we started building Tideflow. You don’t need to make a whole complex process is you want to change your application’s look ‘n’ feel or its behaviour.

You simply create or edit it via Tideflow’s UI.

Oh! And we’ve added two HTML templates, one of them showcases how to create a HTML page that connects Tideflow and a Raspberry PI/Arduino via the AWS IoT Integration. We will share all steps and how tos in a new post. Stay tunned!

🗔 Space for everything. Workflow’s editor improved.

We have made two major improvements in the editor.

First, there’s now a huge canvas (5000px by 5000px to be precise) for you to design your processes where you can scroll in all directions.

And second, when editing tasks, its settings will show up in the editor’s sidebar, instead on the task’s card.

This two improvements will let users to work more comfortably while designing automation.