A new version of Tideflow has been just released, featuring two major features aimed to improve Tideflow’s usability, extensibility and nocode capabilities.

This is Tideflow 0.15

🖥 Tasks Editor:

Brand new UI to give you all the space you need to work comfortably while editing your workflow’s tasks.

The new task editor now uses nearly all-browser’s screen space, general help details about the type of task and also contains per-field explanation and additional details.

📝 Templating Service. NoCode Up!

Tideflow has improved the way it has to pass results from tasks to task. Instead of hardcoding what a task is doing, each task can intake data from previous tasks results.

Tideflow’s new templating system uses Handlebars. This lets you use simple expressions, nested properties, context evaluations, conditionals, etc.

Take a look to https://docs.tideflow.io/docs/getstarted-templating

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