Releasae of Tideflow 0.14.

New: OneSignal integration

Adding OneSignal to your workflows lets you send mobile and web push notifications. This is as simple as creating a OneSignal application, adding the application to your list of services on Tideflow, and integrating notifications as part of your workflows.

Sending OneSignal notifications from your workflows
Example notifications.

To get started with OneSignal, signup at

New: AWS Lambda integration

While we keep adding and improving integrations and Tideflow capabilities, we added support for you to be able to invoke AWS lambda functions as part of your workflows. This lets developers to automate nearly everything they want.

So from now on, you are not tied up to Tideflow’s limitations – for which we work hard to beat – but to your imagination.

Invoking AWS Lambda functions

What’s improved?

It was also fixed and improved things here and there. Worth mentioning issues with the workflow’s editor and some other code on the platform that used to throw browser errors, slidely affecting the performance and responsiveness of the tool.

What’s coming up for the 0.1X family:

As the no-code topic keeps growing and growing, we believe that Tideflow is a quite a good fit for most of the cases. But to build a perfect fit, we need to keep making it better.

So to make things happen, we have created issues in out GitHub repository that we need your help with. This are:

Tideflow needs your help! Raise any question or petition on Github. Stars and pull requests for beating current Tideflow’s limitations helps hugely to make automation possible for everyone & everything.